Flora Gärtner, portrait photo from around 1920.

(Nuremberg City Archives, C21/VII no. 48)

Emma Gärtner, portrait photo from around 1920.

(Nuremberg City Archives, C21/VII no. 48)

The house at Rosenaustrasse 10. Picture postcard from around 1920.

(Sebastian Gulden Collection)

Rosenaustrasse 20, circled in red, is situated a little to the west of the park area which gives the street its name. In the far right of the picture, at the bottom, Spittler Gate Tower is clearly visible. The Plärrer traffic junction can be seen to the west of the tower (to the left in the picture). Aerial photo 1927.

(Nuremberg City Archives, A27 No. 286)

Emma and Flora Gärtner

Location of stone: Rosenaustrasse 10 District: Himpfelshof
Sponsor: Rachel Dorn Laying of stone: 20 September 2010


On 20 September 2010, on the initiative of Rachel Dorn, Gunter Demnig laid two stumbling stones – for the sisters Flora and Emma Gärtner, who were murdered in Theresienstadt and Treblinka.

Flora was born on 18 March 1870 in Niederwerrn, Emma on 13 April 1872 in neighbouring Schweinfurt. Her father Abraham was a travelling salesman.

Abraham Gärtner was born on 8 March 1843 in Geroda near Bad Brückenau. On 21 November 1866 he married Recha Kohnstamm. Recha was born on 5 November 1843 in Niederwerrn. The couple had eleven children.

At the beginning of April 1890 Abraham und Recha moved to Nuremberg, to Rosenaustrasse 10. Flora and Emma remained single and looked after their parents, who lived to a ripe old age: Recha died on 17 October 1930 and Abraham on 1 May 1934.

On 10 September 1942 the two sisters were deported to Theresienstadt concentration camp. Flora was murdered in Theresienstadt on 19 April 1943. Emma was murdered in Treblinka concentration camp, after being transferred there on 29 September 1942.

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Stolpersteine in the vicinity