Tuchergartenstrasse 15 is circled in red and is located directly on the corner with Pirckheimerstrasse. Pirckheimerstrasse cuts across the picture from east to west (from right to left in the photo). To the south of Tuchergartenstrasse is the city wall and Laufer Gate Tower. A section of the city park can be seen in the upper right-hand corner of the picture. Aerial photo 1927.

(Nuremberg City Archives, A 97 No. 236)

Thekla Freising


Location of stone: Tuchergartenstraße 15 District: Gärten hinter der Veste
Sponsor: Helga Volkmann Laying of stone: 28 May 2015


For many years, Professor Dr. Heide Inhetveen has been researching Jewish life in the region of Neumarkt, including the history of the Freising family from Sulzbürg. On the family’s initiative, Gunter Demnig laid stumbling stones in Sulzbürg and Regensburg, commemorating members of the Freising family, and on 28 May 2015 in Nuremberg, in memory of Thekla Freising. Thekla moved to Nuremberg in summer 1940, to work as a housekeeper. In 1942 she was deported to Izbica and murdered there.

Thekla Freising was born on 24 October 1900 in Sulzbürg in the Upper Palatinate. She was the youngest of seven children. Her parents were Simon Freising, a trader in crockery and metal goods, and his wife Doris (née Hellmann). Thekla attended the local Jewish school. Her five brothers served as soldiers in the Bavarian Army in the First World War. Two of them did not return, while a third was seriously injured.

Following the death of her mother in 1925, Thekla kept house for her father. At the end of 1939 Simon, now over 80 years old, was forced to sell his house in the course of the “Arianisation” programme – the state-organised expropriation of Jewish property. Subsequently, Simon moved into a senior citizens’ home in Regensburg, where he died in January 1941.

Thekla moved to Nuremberg on 13 July 1940, working there as a housekeeper for various Jewish families consecutively. Thekla lived with the families who employed her, working first of all for the Baumann family in Laufertorgraben. Acquaintances probably helped her make contact with the family. On 24 March 1942, Thekla Freising was deported to Izbica and murdered there.

- Biographical text from Prof. Dr. Heide Inhetveen, June 2021.

- Nuremberg City Archives, C 21/X Nr. 2 registration card.

- Nuremberg City Archives (ed.), Gedenkbuch für die Nürnberger Opfer der Schoa (Quellen zur Geschichte und Kultur der Stadt Nürnberg, vol. 29), Nuremberg 1998, p. 137.

Stolpersteine in the vicinity