Stumbling Stones for Homosexual Victims

In October 2017 the time had come – the first four stumbling stones for homosexual victims of National Socialism in Nuremberg were laid by the artist Gunter Demnig. Lord Mayor Ulrich Maly was the patron. On the evening before the stones were laid, an event was held to provide people with information and present the stones. Since that time the number of stumbling stones has increased to fourteen.

The laying of the stones has a long prehistory. Since 2001 we had been thinking about how best to commemorate the victims. We discussed various approaches, forms and locations.

In 2006 our city councillor Jürgen Wolff had addressed the issue and Fliederlich started the project “Homosexuals under the Swastika – Traces of Persecution in Nuremberg”. Within the framework of the project Inge Breuling (Fliederlich) and Martin Schieber (History for Everyone) researched the archives for information. The result was a city tour, which History for Everyone offers – for instance, every year on Christopher Street Day. At the same time, the work formed a basis for the laying of stumbling stones. Ralph Hoffmann championed the implementation of the idea – in the politics study group at Fliederlich, in the research project already mentioned and in the public sphere. Further contributions came from Matthias Gemählich, who continued the research.

We are delighted that this project has been realised and continues. Stumbling stones are visible signs of remembrance, paying tribute to people who were innocent victims of a murderous machinery. We thank all those involved for their support.

Fliederlich e.V. – Gay Community Centre, May 2021