Erna Meyerstein, portrait photo from around 1930.

(Nuremberg City Archives, C21/VII No. 104)

Bahnhofstrasse 41 is circled in red. In Flaschenhofstrasse – the street running parallel to Bahnhofstrasse – the Kunstgewerbeschule (School of Applied Arts) can be seen on the far right of the photo. Today the building houses the Amtsgericht (district court). At the top of the picture are the Wöhrder meadows. The left-hand half of the picture shows the Marien suburb, with Marienstrasse leading to the Marien Tunnel. Aerial photo 1927.

(Nuremberg City Archives, A 97 No. 324)

Erna Meyerstein


Location of stone: Bahnhofstrasse 41 District: Marienvorstadt
Sponsor: Anonymous Laying of stone: 11 June 2021


On 11 June 2021, following suggestions made by Daniela Epstein in Jerusalem, Gunter Demnig laid eleven stumbling stones in Nuremberg for her ancestors. These included a stone for Erna Meyerstein, who in June 1939 was able to escape to England.

Erna Meyerstein was born on 11 May 1902 in the small town of Artern, which today lies in the north-east of the state of Thuringia. Her parents were the tradesman Matthias Meyerstein and his wife Flora (née Katzenstein).

In January 1936 Erna moved to Nuremberg and worked as an office clerk, having previously lived in Halle an der Saale. Her sisters Clara (mar. Diebach) and Thekla (mar. Heimann) already lived in Nuremberg.

In June 1936 Erna emigrated to London. She later went to live in the USA.

- Nuremberg City Archives, C 21/X No. 6 registration card.

Stolpersteine in the vicinity