Emil Heidenheimer, portrait photo from around 1920.

(Nuremberg City Archives, C21/VII-GB No. 1283)

Kaiserstrasse 37 is circled in red. Trödelmarkt Island can be seen directly above it, also the market hall (Markthalle), which was destroyed in the Second World War. From east to west (from right to left in the picture) Karolinenstrasse cuts through the densely built-up Lawrence district of the old city in the middle of the photo, with Breite Gasse doing the same further to the south. Aerial photo 1927.

(Nuremberg City Archives, A 97 No. 292)

Emil and Lina Heidenheimer

Location of stone: Kaiserstrasse 37 District: St. Lorenz
Sponsor: Markus Weih Laying of stone: 11 June 2021


On 11 June 2021, on the initiative of Daniela Epstein from Jerusalem, Gunter Demnig laid eleven stumbling stones for her ancestors in Nuremberg. Markus Weih from Nuremberg sponsored the stones laid for Emil and Lina Heidenheimer. The Heidenheimers were murdered in the Izbica ghetto.

Emil Heidenheimer was born on 10 September 1877 in Stuttgart, the son of Samuel Heidenheimer and Auguste (née Grünwald). In July 1909 he moved to Nuremberg, where he married Lina Heimann on 29 July. Lina was born on 7 January 1881 in Kitzingen. Her parents were Samuel Heimann and Emilie (née Ullmann). The Heidenheimers had no children. In Nuremberg Emil worked as a trader.

On 24 March 1942 Emil und Lina were deported to the Izbica ghetto and murdered.

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