Statement from Dieter Barth, May 2021

I find stumbling stones a wonderful way to illustrate the fate of those human beings who were persecuted, tortured and murdered by the National Socialists. Today, no one can really understand what it was like for these people and what they had to suffer. Soon there will be no one alive who witnessed what was going on. However, stumbling stones continually remind us of the individual victims and the crimes committed against them.

As a homosexual man my involvement here stems from gratitude. I am grateful that I did not have to live through these times. In my life I have never experienced personal disadvantage in any form. Therefore, I actively support the idea that it should be the same for other people, and that in society prejudice can be reduced. My support for stumbling stones is part of that activity.

I say to the opponents of stumbling stones: because there has been, up to now, no better and more sustainable idea than stumbling stones, let us work together to preserve memories in this way and thus towards a NEVER AGAIN!

Dieter Barth, May 2021